About Twig Fragrance Co.

Twig Fragrance Company is driven by a single philosophy:  to create civilized scents that you can light up to wind down - helping you better connect with yourself and the people around you.  

Twig wood wick candles are "slow made" on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.  Each hand-poured candle provides a clean, long-lasting fragrance that never overwhelms the senses.  

Our products' ingredients are cruelty free, vegan,  sustainable and phthalate free.  We use an all natural virgin coconut soy wax that is made from renewable resources, is clean burning and biodegradable.    Our wicks are wooden; providing a unique crackling sound that will enhance your "Twig" experience!



About Twig's Founder:  Michael Fortin

I was born and raised on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia. In December 2020, my husband and our lovable but quirky dog Molly, permanently moved to the Sunshine Coast – a place that inspires me deeply with its natural beauty.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for fragrances and their ability to bring comfort, evoke memories, and affect your emotions in powerful ways. That's why I decided to combine my love for fragrances with my newfound appreciation for the Sunshine Coast to create something special. My goal has been to make products that “bring the outside in” so people can experience a moment of peace no matter where they are.

I'm excited to have the opportunity to provide people with a unique way to connect and engage with nature, wherever they are. I believe that Twig's fragrances can help you create an atmosphere of calm, relaxation, and joy; whether they be in a wooden-wick candle, wax melt or room spray.

I am truly grateful for this chance to share my passion with others and look forward to seeing what new experiences await us on this journey! Thank you for joining me.