Celebrating Family:  More Than Once a Year

Celebrating Family: More Than Once a Year

This February, take the time to celebrate the special people in your life on  Family Day. Make memories that will last a lifetime by embracing the things that families do best―having fun and making memories together! Whether you prefer to stay indoors or venture outside, here are some great ideas to help create quality time with your family.  PS:  these suggestions are possible anytime; not just February 20th. ;-)

Bring Out Your Inner Chef
Food is one off the best ways to bring family together – so why not get creative in the kitchen? Cooking together allows you to bond over shared experiences and create amazing dishes with just a few ingredients!

Let Outside In
Bringing outdoor fragrances inside can instantly liven up any space. Research suggests that woody scents like pine and sandalwood relax both body and mind and can help create a cozy atmosphere for spending time together as a family. Wooden wick candles provide an extra sensory experience with their unique crackling sound as they burn, making it easy to get lost in conversation while taking comfort in the warm glow of candlelight.  If candles are not for you but enjoying amazing fragrances are, try a wax melt.

Take It Outside
Even during the chilliest winter days, there are plenty of ways to enjoy time outdoors as a family. Go sledding or build a snowman and have a snowball fight afterward! If you’re feeling adventurous, rent snowshoes or skis, go for a hike,  or explore nature at its finest by visiting local parks and reserves.  

Make Memories That Last
Family Day is all about making memories—not spending money. So don’t be afraid to get creative; plan an indoor picnic, set up an obstacle course in your living room, or pick a movie marathon theme night—just make sure everyone gets involved! And don’t forget about those special touches like wooden wick candles for added ambiance and warmth that will fill your home with beautiful fragrances long after Family Day has passed.

Celebrating your family shouldn't only happen once a year, nor should it be complicated or expensive.  When planning activities with your family; get creative!  There are plenty of ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities that involve everyone in the family creating lasting memories together. 

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